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Wendy's Sort Of Launches a New Burger

Dave's Hot 'N Juicy burger is an upgrade to their 1969 burger


It’s a sign of the times when nothing is sacred anymore including hamburgers. On Monday, Wendy’s re-launched their signature burger that’s remained unchanged since the third largest burger chain opened 42 years ago in 1969. Just like a 40-something getting plastic surgery, the new Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy burger features a thicker burger patty, crinkled pickles, a square yet wavy edged patty, a buttered and toasted bun, red onions, mayo and the one thing left untainted, ketchup.

For the past 2 1/2 years under the guise of Project Gold Hamburger, people such as pickle chemists performed extensive research to figure out what ingredients worked and didn’t work for a new burger. First, Wendy’s polled 10,000 hamburger eaters and found out what they liked and disliked and discovered that people felt Wendy’s was behind the times, which is one reason for the burger makeover. McDonald’s and Five Guys have encroached on their territory making the 6,000 location Wendy’s realize they needed to increase burger sales or risk succumbing to the competition.

During Project Gold Hamburger, researchers decided to switch Wendy’s Old Fashioned burgers from white to red onions, iceberg lettuce over to green-leaf, get rid of mustard and replace it with mayo, keep the fat, add more cheese and toast those buns, which entailed all of the franchises installing toaster ovens.

Crafting a better burger means Wendy’s charging the consumer a mere 20 cents more to purchase either a 1/4 lb (single), 1/2 lb (double) or 3/4 lb (triple) burger ranging from $3.49-$5.79. Since the burger’s been manufactured down to a precise science, it should be worth the price hike. To promote their shiny new burger, Wendy’s hits the road with their Hot ‘N Juicy Tour of America where they plan on stopping at 26 cities throughout the U.S and giving away 37,000 free cheeseburgers to their hungry fans.

If people react positively to the new hamburger, maybe Wendy's will tinker with more of their menu items, for better or for worse. Hopefully, they'll stay away from revamping the Frosty formula, though -- that’s sacred stuff.

by: Garin Pirnia