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Subway Gets Green With Eco-Conscious Locations

Subway opens 12 eco-restaurants that practice water conservation and waste reduction


Subway ousted McDonald’s as the world’s largest fast food chain with 35,065 restaurants in 98 locations and now the juggernaut is on track to become one of the first chains with an eco-conscious. Currently, there are 12 Eco-Subway restaurants with more being developed for the future.

Located in places like Kokomo, IN, Chicago, Helens, Oregon, and Loveland, Oregon, the restaurants focus on water conservation, using recycled material in their packaging and installing high efficiency lighting to reduce the carbon footprint. Locations in Chapel Hill, Cary Park and Durham, NC are the only three Subway restaurants that are certified LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) but soon more restaurants will be made from recycled materials like Kokomo, Indiana’s exterior, which is made from reused stone.

Subway dedicates itself to a “Eat Fresh, Live Green” mentality in order to do their part to save the environment and spread healthier food to the masses. “Subway brand is committed to pursuing sustainable initiatives that focus on energy efficiency, water and resource conservation, waste reduction and sustainable and ethical sourcing and supply chain management,” reads a column on their website. “We fully support principles of responsible farming, fishing and animal husbandry for the long term sustainability of the earth's natural resource.”  

Some of these new environmentally initiatives include automatic shut off faucets in bathrooms, motion sensor lights, packaging made from recycled materials, high efficiently air filtration systems and plants that don’t require watering. A Subway at UCLA’s campus is in the works to have a walkable rooftop garden. A couple of facts reveals Subway’s reduction of natural resources had led to “the elimination of 104,586 metric tons of carbon dioxide, which is the equivalent of taking 20,616 passenger cars off the road for a year.” Since Subway’s transition to low flow water faucets, 182.1 millions of gallons of water has been conserved annually.

Subway recently added a baked Oven Crispy Chicken sub to their menu and a yogurt parfait, but with their green locations, maybe they can make a difference in saving people's health and also the planet.

by: Garin Pirnia