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McDonald's Kicks Off 19th Season of Monopoly Game This Week

McD's offers their customers chances to win everything from a free DVD rental to cash prizes


Instead of winning fake money on a board game, starting on Tuesday, September 27th through October 24th, McDonald’s will host the 19th season of its immensely popular Monopoly game in 14,000 restaurants and embed 125 million winning game pieces on their food products. Better than ever, everyone who plays has a one in four chances of winning, and since a lot of the food items come with two or more game pieces, those odds are pretty good. Of course the chance of winning the grand prize of one million dollars is rare, but hey, someone has to walk away with all that loot, right?

There are a couple of ways to play McD’s Monopoly. Head to McD’s and order one of their featured game play food items: Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, McNuggets, McCafe drinks, medium-sized soft drinks, large fries, oatmeal, hash browns and Egg McMuffins. Most of these foods come with two peel-off game stamps, but the large fries comes with four, making it even easier to win. When you purchase items to-go, a code appears on the McD’s bag. Go to www.playatmcd.com and enter the code to see if you’ve won anything. By entering the code, you’re automatically registered to win a brand new 2012 Nissan. Many game pieces contain instant winners where the player instantly wins the prize listed, but some prizes involve collecting properties in a color set just like in the board game version of Monopoly. For instance, collect all four railroads or the coveted blue Park Place and Boardwalk combo for exciting prizes. Players can also send away for game stamps via snail mail for additional game pieces.  

Some of the prizes include small wins like a free DVD rental from Redbox to cash prizes, vacations and of course a 2012 Nissan Z Coupe valued at $38,210 or a Nissan Leaf valued at $40,000. McD’s is also giving away gift cards to Walmart with $5-$5,000 denominations and gift cards for gasoline, which is a good prize because that’s something everyone could use. Other prizes include a Kinect Xbox, Snapfish digital prints and a trip to London, England. For the cash prizes, five winners will receive the $25,000 prize, 5,000 winners will get $50 instantly, six people will win $100,000 and only one person will win the cool million that pays out $50,000 a year for 20 years with no interest. 

by: Garin Pirnia