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Menu and nutrition information for Hardee's


AddItemCaloriesTotal FatSat. FatCholesterolPriceCompare
2/3 lb Monster Thickburger132095g36g210g-
French Fries2009g2g0g-
2/3 lb Double Bacon Cheese THickburger120084g30g185g-
Fried Chicken Wing2008g2g30g-
2/3 lb Double Thickburger115078g28g180g-
Fried Chicken Leg1707g2g45g-
Peach Cobbler small2857g1g0g-
Salad no dressing 1207g5g20g-
1/3 lb Frisco Thickburger93064g21g125g-
Charbroiled BBQ Chicken Sandwich4006g1g45g-
Named after founder Wilbur Hardee, the namesake and his wife ran several inns before he opened burger joint Hardees in 1960 in his hometown of Greenville, North Carolina. The first franchise was created in 1961 and has since increased to almost 2,000 locations throughout the Midwest and South, making it the fourth largest fast food burger chain in the U.S. Back in the 60s, Hardees was known for their Huskee burgers but those were faded out and now charbroiled burgers like Thickburgers populate the menu. In 1997, Hardees was purchased by Carl Jr.s parent company CKE, so both chains now operate together. Breakfast makes up 40% of its clientele with biscuit n gravy dishes, breakfast burritos, croissants and southern favorite grits available in the mornings. With an introduction of their lowcarb offerings, the chain recognizes the benefits of eating better. Their burgers come with a lowcarb option of the meat being wrapped in lettuce instead of planted between a bun. 500 calories and under turkey burgers act as yet another healthy eating alternative and so does their Veg It Thickburger that eschews a patty completely. Nonburger items like salads, naturalcut fries, shakes, chicken tenders and fish n chips can also be ordered.

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