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Chain Restaurant Menus and Nutrition

Corporate and store franchise information

We have gathered data from around the United States  to display the most comprehensive Restaurant Chain data. Many of the largest Chains have submitted data directly to us.

Comparison Chart for Burger

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AddItemChainCaloriesTotal FatSat. FatCholesterolPriceCompare
Angus Bacon CheeseMcDonald's79039g17g145g2.5
SONIC CHEESEBURGER W/MUSTARD Sonic Drive-In77043g17g120g-
Mushroom Swiss BurgerLonghorn Steakhouse83041g12gn/ag-
Cheeseburger SlidersApplebee's127081g25gn/ag-
The Outbacker Burger With American CheeseOutback Steakhouse79049g25g166g-
Bacon SlamburgerDenny's101058g24g350g-
Sirloin Cheeseburger with BaconJack-in-the-Box99066g21g160g-
Super SONIC DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER W/MUSTARD Sonic Drive-In118076g32g235g-
Burgers Honey BBQ Bacon with FriesBuffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar143086g34g175g-
Burgers Big Jack Daddy with FriesBuffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar168098g38g210g-
Burgers Cheeseburger Pepper Jack Cheese with Fries BaconBuffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar136085g34g170g-
Sourdough Ultimate CheeseburgerJack-in-the-Box87063g26g110g-
Texas WHOPPER SandwichBurger King80051g18g110g-
DOUBLE WHOPPER Sandwich with CheeseBurger King99065g24g161g-
Lunch Madness Cheesburger SlammersBuffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar119073g29g145g-
TRIPLE WHOPPER SandwichBurger King114075g27g205g-
Monster Bacon N Beef Cheeseburger Beef PattyIHOP119080g41g280g-
Single Patty MeltWhataburger75051g15g87g-
Better Cheddar Bacon BurgerO'Charley's98057g23g180g-
Ultimate CheeseburgerJack-in-the-Box83057g25g110g-
Cheeseburger Pepper Jack Cheese with FriesBuffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar127079g32g160g-
The Classic BurgerCheesecake Factory1380n/ag28gn/ag-
Big Mouth Burger Bites w/ FriesChili's97058g17gn/ag-
Trios Cheeseburger SlidersApplebee's88059g18gn/ag-
Whataburger Triple MeatWhataburger112068g26g192g-
Burgers Cheeseburger Swiss with Fries BaconBuffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar136085g34g175g-
1/3 lb Original ThickburgerHardee's86058g17g105g-
Southwest Jalapeno BurgerApplebee's114072g25gn/ag-
Super SONIC DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER W/MAYO Sonic Drive-In127087g34g245g-
WHOPPER Sandwich with CheeseBurger King76047g16g100g-
Steakhouse XT Burger King77046g17g115g-
Cheeseburger Sliders add baconApplebee's133087g27gn/ag-
Mushroom Swiss BurgerDenny's86048g21g130g-
Super SONIC JALAPE O DOUBLE CHEESEBURGERSonic Drive-In118076g32g235g-
Bacon N Beef Bacon Egg Cheeseburger Beef PattyIHOP97063g30g400g-
Bacon N Beef Bacon Egg Cheeseburger Bacon PattyIHOP101066g30g390g-
Bacon Cheddar BurgerLonghorn Steakhouse88044g16gn/ag-
Super SONIC BACON DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER W/MAYO Sonic Drive-In137096g36g260g4.99
Bacon Deluxe DoubleWendy's85051g22g181g-

Latest Restaurant News

Pizza Hut and Other Fast Food Chains Offer Limited Time Cheap Eat Deals
The slumping economy has affected all areas of commerce including the billion-dollar fast food industry. According to NPD Group, the annual fast food restaurant visits by the 18-24 group has gone from 245 to 192 making it one less visit every week per person. Today fast food giants responded to the dwindling sales with a new plan to revitalize their businesses: cheap eats.    read more >>

McDonald's Kicks Off 19th Season of Monopoly Game This Week
Instead of winning fake money on a board game, starting on Tuesday, September 27th through October 24th, McDonald’s will host the 19th season of its immensely popular Monopoly game in 14,000 restaurants and embedd 125 million winning game pieces on their food products. Better than ever, everyone who plays has a one in four chances of winning, and since a lot of the food items come with two or more game pieces, those odds are pretty good. Of course the chance of winning the grand prize of one mil    read more >>

Wendy's Sort Of Launches a New Burger
It’s a sign of the times when nothing is sacred anymore including hamburgers. On Monday, Wendy’s re-launched their signature burger that’s remained unchanged since the third largest burger chain opened 42 years ago in 1969. Just like a 40-something getting plastic surgery, the new Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy burger features a thicker burger patty, crinkled pickles, a square yet wavy edged patty, a buttered and toasted bun, red onions, mayo and the one thing left untainted, ketchup.    read more >>

White Castle Served with Lawsuit from Booth-Challenged Customer
All over the news this week was the incident where a 290-pound, six-foot man sued White Castle because he couldn’t fit into their booths. Suffern, New York’s Martin Kessman’s had been dining at the 90-year-old White Castle chain since 1959 but stopped going there two years ago when he discovered he couldn’t fit into their new booth-seating.    read more >>

Darden Restaurants Joins Forces with the First Lady's Campaign to Reduce Childhood Obesity
This week, First Lady Michelle Obama continued on her path to eradicate childhood obesity in America when she joined forces with the world’s largest full-service restaurant chain, Darden Restaurants, and nonprofit Partnership for a Healthier America. With Olive Garden, Red Lobster, LongHorn Steakhouse, Capital Grille and Bahama Breeze, Darden operates 1,900 restaurants and serves over 400 million meals a year. Now with Obama on its side, Darden could be the first restaurant chain to truly make a    read more >>

Fast Food Chains Demand Approval of Food Stamps
With 45 million Americans on food stamps (aka EBT) right now, it’s no surprise when a few days ago fast food restaurants made a plea to allow food stamps to be used at their restaurants. Yum! Brands eateries (Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut and Long John Silver’s) think they should be allowed to service hungry folks with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) program, but so far the response has been polarized.    read more >>

Dunkin' Donuts Plans on Franchising Stores Beyond the Mississippi
On Dunkin’ Donuts' Facebook page, fans write on the wall beseeching the coffee and donut connoisseur to open stores in Texas and Southern California because right now there aren’t many locations west of the Mississippi. America might run on Dunkin,’ but unfortunately not every city gets the opportunity to sip fresh lattes, iced coffee and devour Munchins every morning, or experience the specialness when someone brings donuts to share with their co-workers.    read more >>

The 2011 Zagat Fast-Food Survey Reveals the Top Fast Food and Full-Service Restaurants
America's diners have spoken and Five Guys makes their favorite fast food hamburgers, while Wendy’s ranks as the top overall mega chain. Since 2007, the reputable Zagat has tallied votes from fast food and quick-serve consumers for their annual Zagat Fast-Food Survey. Akin to the highly rated Zagat guides for restaurants and other arts and entertainment sectors, the survey polled over 6,000 people and rated their remarks on a 30-point scale to find out what people liked the most in these restaur    read more >>

Subway Gets Green With Eco-Conscious Locations
Subway ousted McDonald’s as the world’s largest fast food chain with 35,065 restaurants in 98 locations and now the juggernaut is on track to become one of the first chains with an eco-conscious. Currently, there are 12 Eco-Subway restaurants with more being developed for the future.    read more >>

Chipotle Announces Short Film Project, Food Festival
Known as one of the first quick-serve chains to adopt sustainability in their foods, Chipotle’s launching a new campaign to spread awareness via a short film and a foundation. In September, “Back to the Start” will debut in 5,700 movie theaters before the main feature begins.    read more >>

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