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Menu and nutrition information for Whataburger


AddItemCaloriesTotal FatSat. FatCholesterolPriceCompare
Jalapeno sliced for large burger 0n/ag0g0g-
Cinnamon Roll3909g3.5g30g-
Cookie Sugar2109g4.5g20g-
Whatacatch Dinner 2 piece 163089g16g95g-
Chicken Strip 1 piece1508g3g18g-
Double Patty Melt105075g26g166g-
Pancakes plain5407g3g0g-
Texas Toast 1 slice 1507g1g0g-
Cheese American large slice 907g4.5g22g-
Salad Grilled Chicken2207g1.5g50g-
Harmon Dobson dreamed of opening a burger restaurant where customers would bite into a burger and exclaim, Whataburger Thankfully, the idea became a reality when Dobson opened his first Whataburger in Corpus Christ, Texas in 1950. Despite only operating in 10 southern states from Arizona to Florida, Whataburger manages 700 locations and is currently the eighth largest hamburger chain in the U.S. Recognized by its orangeandwhite Aframe striped roof, Whataburger serves fare like Whatameals, Whatachickn and their Whataburger. Theyre one of the few chains that serves breakfast from 11 p.m.11 a.m. such as breakfast taquitos and honey butter chicken biscuits. Occasionally, Whataburger offers a taquito promotion where they cost only .99 cents. The showpiece item, the Whataburger, comes with a meat patty topped with veggies while the Whataburger Jr. is a smaller version. There are also double and triple meat varieties of the Whataburger that can be ordered alone or with fries and a drink as part of a Whatameal. Besides the breaded chicken sandwiches and chicken strips, Whataburger offers a Whatacatch fish sandwich, malts, hot apple pie, lowcalorie options and salads. Unlike a lot of fast food chains, Whataburgers opened 24 hours a day.

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